The Benefits of Social Media in Public Relations

Social media is extremely beneficial to public relations practitioners.  Most people are involved with social media in some fashion or another.  73% of teens and young adults are members of at least one social networking site.  Also, 47% of online adults are using social networking sites.  Not only does social media save money, but it reaches customers on their own terms.  Social media is a means of two-way communication and feedback, and it also generates customer loyalty.  This technique increases customer loyalty, and it also involves customers in expanding products.  Social media can also be used as a helpful research tool, as well.

Facebook alone is one of the best social media outlets for public relations practitioners.  If Facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd largest country in the world.  It can be used in 75 different languages.  1 out of every 12 people in the country has a Facebook page.  Also, more than 700 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each month.

If public relations practitioners want to reach their publics through social media, they should keep their intended audiences in mind at all times when generating a fan page.  They should cannot only create fan pages, but they can create groups, applications, etc.  They can solicit feedback on these websites, and research their own organizations, and see what the public is saying.  One of the most important things that public relations practitioners can do is avoid using a sales pitch to their intended publics.  You want to engage the publics, not interrupt them.

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Event Planning!!!!!

Not everyone involved in public relations is interested in event planning, but I know that I am and I also know that I am not alone.  Event planning is not only what I desire to do with my life but it is a passion of mine.  Thus, I decided to share some tips on event planning with you guys.  Event planning is what I would love to do.  I feel as if it would be a learning experience, and fun all at the same time.  Although most people think that event planning is about the glits and glamour, that is only a small portion of what it is about.  Event planning takes a lot of hard work and dedication. 

When planning an event, it must serve a purpose.  That purpose could be to increase awareness, develop brand or organization loyalty, introduce a new product or service, make an announcement, raise money, or to simply celebrate employees or volunteers.  Whatever the case, your event must have a legitimate purpose.  Of course you can host an event just because you want to, but who would that really benefit?

Events do not just stop at parties.  There are other events that public relations practitioners can plan, such as festivals, concerts, fashion shows, 5ks, conferences, and the list goes on.

Public relations practitioners must remember their goals and objectives when planning an event.  They must also keep their target publics in mind, and consider their resources.  Lastly and most importantly, they must develop an event plan.

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Research is key…

Planning and research is key in almost every aspect of publics relations.  It is unavoidable – public relations practitioners must research and plan to be successful in the business.  This is the most important part of your plan.  Once the research and planning is complete, the rest should be fairly easy to execute.  Research is important because it allows you to gather background information for writing, measure how well you’ve done in reaching the goals you’ve set, understand your publics better, make sure your information is accurate and identify key issues that need to be addressed. 

When doing your research, making sure your information is accurate is key.  Public relations practitioners should always use the internet wisely.  They should also use multiple sources, and keep records of those sources.  Most importantly, they should always confirm the accurateness of all information that they receive.

Public relations practitioners should also keep in mind that not only is accuracy important, but organization is as well.  They should clearly explain implications, and update research.

The type of research public relations practitioners do is just as important as the research itself.  There are several types of research that can be done, such as interviews, focus groups, surveys, content analysis and case studies.  No matter the type of research you choose, as a public relations practitioner you should always be skeptical of the information you receive, question the accuracy of the information, check up on your sources, use multiple research methods and look over examples of effective research strategies.

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